Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Machine Review

When you need to purchase a commercial ice machine, deciding on which manufacturer to go with is not a decision to be taken lightly. Hoshizaki is the top ice machine manufacturer out there in our opinion. They are known for designing and manufacturing quality ice machines that are quiet and energy efficient. They have an extensive line of machines available to fit any business need. Whether you have a small operation that requires only a few dozen pounds of ice a day, or a larger business that requires several thousand pounds of ice a day, Hoshizaki is the right choice.

Let’s review two of their more popular models.

Their AM-50BAE model is an undercounter ice maker that is compact, powerful and versatile. This commercial ice maker is excellent for smaller businesses or venues that demand lesser amounts of ice, such as sports stadiums, donut shops, convenience stores, etc. The AM-50BAE is UL is even UL listed so it can be used for outdoor patio bars. This model can produce up to 55 pounds of top hat style ice (ice that is individual, hard, clear, round hat shaped). It has a surgical grade stainless steel evaporator that is durable, reliable and is able to handle just about any cleaner. Hoshizaki is also known for its condensers which use less moving parts and last longer, causing less problems in the long run since there are fewer parts that will wear out or break. The AM-50BAE also has a 22 lb bin capacity, and is 14-7/8 inches wide, by 22-5/8 inches deep, by 33 ½ inches high. Its compact design means you can put it under any counter that is at least 34 inches high, and the stainless steel exterior means it will resist dents and avoid corrosion.

If you need to produce a much larger volume of ice, we recommend you buy a head and bin combination ice machine that consists of the top or “head” unit where the ice is produced, and the storage box/bin that holds the ice until you are ready to use it. You have the option of buying a Hoshizaki unit that makes cube, cubelet, crescent-shaped ice or flakes, to match whatever your business needs are. The Hoshizaki KM-515MAH model produces up to 501 lbs of crystal clear crescent shaped ice cubes per day and crescent shaped ice cubes melt slower than square cubes. This model’s patented stainless steel evaporator design flushes impurities away with each cycle, which reduces the amount of mineral buildup that occurs, to create harder ice. This patented evaporator also improves the ice machine’s performance and results in fewer cycles to end up with the same amount of ice as comparable competitor ice makers. This is a very reliable machine that comes with a 300 lb capacity ice bin and an air-coooled self contained condensing unit. The HoshGard Antimicrobial agent is applied to the major components of this machine, which eliminates bacterial growth inside the ice machine.

These are just two of the many ice machines that Hoshizaki offers. No matter which model you choose, you won’t be disappointed.